Homemade “Nutella”


Nutella is pretty much the greatest food ever. I have it at least once a day, on toast, with crackers, in sandwiches, over apples, with a spoon. But lately, as I was reading through the ingredients list, I decided to make my own with no artificial ingredients, no animal products, and less sugar. I also decided to use peanuts instead o hazelnuts, because it gives the spread an amazing flavor similar to a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Also, hazelnuts can be very difficult to find as well as much more expensive than peanuts. I already love this spread, and I’m sure you will too! 

Total time: 10 minutes 

3 cups of lightly salted roasted peanuts 

1/2 cup of sugar, powdered or coconut 

4 tablespoons dark chocolate powder

1 teaspoon vanilla 

Pinch of salt

Coconut oil

In a food processor, pulse peanuts until finely ground. Add ingredients in order listed, pulsing in between each new addition. Purée until a butter has formed. It should form clots in the bowl. If necessary, add a small amount of coconut oil to smooth the spread. Once it is finished, scoop into a mason jar. Store in the refrigerator. Good for 1 month. 



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