Garlic Pasta 

One of my all time favorite pasta dishes, Garlic Pasta. I’ve seen a bunch of varieties for it, because it is such a great and easy dish. It’s often called “Midnight Pasta,” because supposedly Italian chefs used to make this for themselves after they got done working at a restaurant late at night. I’ve also seen it called “Peasant Pasta,” because the ingredients are simple and it doesn’t take much time, so it’s likely peasants used to make a dish very similar to this one. I’ve combined several recipes to create a simple pasta that can be ready in 10 minutes!  

*** This recipe can easily be made gluten free (using gluten free noodles) or vegan (leave off the cheese). 

1 box of noodles (spaghetti works best, but any kind is fine)

6-8 cloves of garlic 

1/2 cup olive oil, plus more to serve



Chili flakes 

Parmesan or goat cheese, to serve 

Prepare noodles according to package instructions in well salted water. Finely mince garlic. In a small frying pan, sauté olive oil and garlic on medium heat until the oil is bubbling. Be careful not to burn the garlic, so stir continuously. In a large bowl, mix cooled noodles, garlic mixture, and extra olive oil. Add salt, pepper, and chili flakes, to taste. Before serving, top with cheese. 
** Variation: to the finished pasta, you can add any of the following after mixing in the garlic mixture in the recipe above to add protein and vitamins! Here are some ideas:

* Bacon

* Prosciutto

* Fresh peas

* Cherry tomatoes

* Chopped ham

* Shredded chicken

* Sundried tomatoes 

* Capers 


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