Avocado Toast +20 Toast Topper Ideas

Avocados are so amazing… You can use them in a variety of recipes, and of course
guac! But the real star here is avocado toast. Probably the simplest lunch you will ever make, and so delicious! All you need is some toast, an avocado, and one of the toppers below! I like to use the Classic as a base for any other toppers, but it’s all up to your preference! To make avocado toast, pit an avocado and remove the skin. Mash it with a fork, it’s okay to have some lumps. Spread over toasted bread. (One small avocado should be enough for 4 regular sized slices of bread.) Top with any of the combos below, which are all 3 ingredients or less. I personally suggest broiling any topper that contains the word “melt”, but it’s all personal preference. Enjoy!

20 Avocado toppers: 


* olive oil 

* Salt and pepper 

* Crushed chili flakes 


* curry powder 

* cooked chickpeas 

Darian’s Favorite: 

* caramelized onions 

* Rosemary, fresh or dried 

* Provolone or Swiss cheese

Green Machine:

* pesto 

* Spinach 

* Mozzarella 

Buffalo Bleu:

* buffalo sauce (I suggest Frank’s Hot Sauce)

* Bleu cheese crumbles 

* Green onions 


* sesame seeds 

* Soy sauce 

* Chopped cashews 

Scarlet Spicy:

* carrots 

* Ginger 

* Sriracha 


* Chopped herbs, variety 

* Chopped cherry tomatoes 

* Balsamic vinegar


* Feta cheese

* Minced dill 

* Sundried tomatoes 

Pico de gallo con maìz:

* corn 

* Cilantro 

* Chopped red onions 


* Thai Peanut Sauce (recipe under Asian Peanut Noodles)

* Cilantro 

* Green onions 


* Cooked bacon

* Chopped tomatoes 

* Chopped lettuce 


* mozzarella balls 

* Fresh basil

* Chopped tomatoes 


* chopped tomatoes 

* Chopped red onions 

* Chopped cilantro 

Heart healthy:

* Fried egg whites 

* Sliced tomato 

* Spinach 

Sweet chili:

* Sweet chili jam 

* Parmesan flakes 

* Crushed garlic 

Turkey melt:

* Roasted garlic jam

* Smoked cheddar cheese 

* Sliced turkey 

Huevos Rancheros: 

* fried egg

* Sriracha 

Bacon melt:

* crumbled cooked bacon

* Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Artichoke and spinach dip:

* cooked artichokes 

* Cooked spinach

* Shredded Parmesan 


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